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List of Cody Christian Movies and Tv Shows (2024)

American entertainer Cody Allen Christian, who was brought into the world in Portland, Maine, on April 15, 1995, is notable for his work in both computer games and TV. He has previously affected the amusement business very early on at 28, enchanting crowds with his ability and flexibility.

Cody Christian has had an acting career working in roles in both film and television. These experiences have greatly contributed to his growth as a performer. We should analyze Cody Christian movies and TV shows in additional profundity to find out about the jobs he has played and the impact he has had.

The List of Cody Christian Movies and TV Shows

Cody Christian Filmography

1. The Profound Mysteries of Tommy Kuglar (2006):

In the moving short film “The Profound Mysteries of Tommy Kuglar” from 2006, Cody Christian performed the part of Young Tommy Kuglar. His portrayal hinted at his early promise as a gifted actor.

2. Corndog of Tolerance (2006):

In a separate short film, he played the part of “The Kid,” demonstrating his talent for portraying several roles even at a young age.

3. Surrogates (2009):

In the 2009 sci-fi thriller Surrogates, Cody played Boy Canter, giving the cast more nuance by bringing to life a kid who is trapped in a dystopian society where surrogates and technology are the norm.

4. Kill the Irishman (2011):

Cody Christian showcased his acting prowess, in movies adding depth and authenticity to each role. In the crime film “Kill the Irishman” (2011) he portrayed Young Danny Greene contributing to the movies portrayal of true events.

5. The Starving Games (2013):

Switching gears to comedy Cody displayed his talent in “The Starving Games” (2013) a parody of “The Hunger Games” series. He brought laughter to viewers as the character Peter Malarkey.

6. Killing Animals (2015):

In the film “Killing Animals” (2015) Cody played Roberto infusing his style into the ensemble cast.

7. Submerged (2016):

Codys versatility shone through in “Submerged” (2016) a gripping thriller where he took on the gritty role of Dylan. His performance highlighted both his range, as an actor and ability to tackle demanding characters.

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8. Assassination Nation (2018):

He played Johnny in this sensational show that tended to subjects of horde mindset, virtual entertainment, and protection.

9. Notorious Nick (2021):

His performance of Nick Newell in this motivational sports drama added a noteworthy entry to his résumé and brought the tale of a tenacious athlete to life.

10. Jump Out (2023):

The movie “Jump Out (2023)” is currently being. It seems like Cody Christians portrayal of Rizal is set to deliver another performance.

Cody Christian Roles in TV Shows

1. State of Mind (2007):

Even though it is unknown how many episodes Cody participated in, his performance as Adam in this series marked his early step into television.

2. Back to You (2007):

In the episode known as “Gracie’s Bully,” he played Xander Tucker, adding to the show’s comedic features.

3. True Blood (2008):

The mystical world of “True Blood” received important attraction with the brief time he appeared as Scream Boy in the movie “Sparks Fly Out”.

4. Grey’s Anatomy (2010):

In the 2010 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “State of Love and Trust,” Cody portrayed Brad Walker, capturing the relatable complexity of a character inside the storyline of the medical drama.

5. Pretty Little Liars (2010–2015):

This well-liked ABC Family/Freeform series featured Cody Christian as Mike Montgomery, Alabama a constant role. His guest presence in the sixth season and frequent appearances in seasons 1-2 and 4-5 allowed his personality to grow with the main narrative, finishing in an amazing 29-episode character arc.

6. Lab Rats (2012):

In the biological fantasy episode “Crush, Chop, and Burn, Part I,” he played Kavan, which increased the tension in the program.

7. Beautiful People (2012):

Cody Christian offered to and displayed his flexibility in multiple projects by acting Kyle in an unproduced tv show.

8. Body of Proof (2012):

He demonstrated his versatility and added something special to the program when he played Greg Lux in the adrenaline coaster episode “Home Invasion” of the medical misconduct series.

9. Austin & Ally (2013):

Cody’s role as Elliot in the Disney Channel episode “Campers & Complications” allowed him to showcase his comedic sides.

10. Supah Ninjas (2013):

He played Rock Forster in the episodes “Stone Forster,” “Tracking down Forster,” and “Spring Excursion,” adding to the activity stuffed setting of the show.

11. See Dad Run (2014):

Cody Christian, who played Evan in the episode “See Dad Roast the Toast,” brought his own charm to this family comedy.

12. Teen Wolf (2015–2017):

A pivotal point in his career was opened up by his portrayal of Theo Raeken in this MTV series. Cody assumed the part for 30 episodes during seasons 5 and 6, adding intricacy and profundity that won applause from the two fans and commentators.

13. All American (2018–present):

Asher Adams, Cody Christian’s continuing major character in this CW Network series, continues to enthrall viewers while showing his acting talent in the backdrop of high school football drama and personal development. For watching must visit Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

The excursion Cody Christian movies and TV  shows is proof of the two his adaptability and his obligation to his craft. He remains a force, in the entertainment industry effortlessly leaving his mark on every character he portrays through his roles and ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cody Christian

1. Who did Cody Christian play in “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Brad Walker was portrayed by Cody Christian in the television show “Grey’s Anatomy.” He was a character in the episode “State of Love and Trust.”

2. What characters does Cody Christian voice?

Cloud Strife, a famous video game character, was voiced by Cody Christian in the “Final Fantasy VII Remake.” He was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Performer in a Leading Role for this performance.

3. What movies is Cody Christian in?

Throughout his career, Cody Christian has made multiple movie appearances. His participation in several well-known movies includes:

  • In “Kill the Irishman” (2011), in which he played Young Danny Greene.
  • Peter Malarkey, a character he portrayed in “The Starving Games” (2013).
  • “Notorious Nick” (2021), in which Nick Newell was his character.

He will play the role of Rizal in the next movie “Jump Out” (2023), which is presently under development.

Q3: Any Cody Christian movies awards or nominations?

Star Cody Christian garnered recognition teen wolf, for his performance even earning a BAFTA Award nomination, for his leading role. Additionally, he was honored with the International Male Melty Future Award.

4: Cody Christian’s any guest appearances?

Cody Christian American actor has showcased his versatility as an actor, through guest appearances in known shows such, as “Greys Anatomy” and “True Blood.”

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