Self Reliance Movie Review, Cast and Crew 2024

Self Reliance Movie Review


  • Director: Jake Johnson
  • Cast: Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick, Phil LaMarr, Sam Richardson, Sarah Wright Olsen
  • IMDB Rating:8/10

In his directing debut, “Self Reliance” by Jake Johnson is a stark comic drama that focuses on themes of isolation, connection and the determination in modern life. Cooper Johnson, who co-stars with Anna Kendrick in the film makes a hilarious and heartwarming story of self examination where man had to be forced into coming face to face his deep fears and restore humanity.

Self Reliance Movie Trailer (2024)

Self Reliance Movie Summery

In 2023, a Los Angeles man named Tommy receives an invitation to appear on the dark web reality show for more than one million dollars, but he is given a limousine as transportation. The game titled “Self Reliance” is a life-or-death adventure, the players need to survive for thirty days without being killed by fighting a team of hunters. The only way to live is by attaching oneself onto another person and always remaining in their company.

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After being initially hesitant, Tommy finally goes on to reluctantly partner up with Maddy [3], a strange and positive waitress who he meets in the diner. Initially, Maddy is enthused with the chance of winning a million dollars. However she soon discovers that this game takes more than what Hady ever thought possible.

The two grow closer as they struggle through the dangerous game, but their friendship is strained when faced with challenging decisions and personal anxieties [5]. They also need be united in the face of their adversaries, hunters who will not stop until they have eliminated them.

As time passes, Tommy starts to modify his view of the world and understands that he has led an empty life. He begins to see Maddy’s positive outlook and her love of adventure, not to mention his past.

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The film ends in an exciting climax that sees Tommy and Maddy having to face off with the hunters, making a choice of what they would be willing to die for one another. The twist at the end is inconclusive and thus, Maddy’s fate of whether she survived with Tommy or not remains an enigma.

“Self Reliance” is a dark humor with an unbelievable amount of heart. It is an intriguing movie of the deeper connections, what it means to be alive and how far people go in order live. It is well-acted by Jake Johnson and Andy Samberg, with moderate pace and tension.

Self Reliance is such a movie that survives because of its humor as well as the absurdity. There are lots of moments where the reader breaks out in laughter when reading Johnson’s script, ranging from the silly idea behind Tommy and Maddy playing a game to an increasingly strange series of events. The chemistry between Johnson and Kendrick is excellent, but they are also a hysterical and charming duo.

The movie also touches upon some subtler themes, warning against the hazards of solitude and emphasizing human interaction. Tommy faces loneliness, fear and doubts embraces them as part of his experience. With these situations, he comes to find a way of letting go and finding confidence in the state of being vulnerable.

What Doesn’t Work

The third act of the movie is a bit accelerated, and its happy ending can be seen from afar. What’s more, some of the comic relief may seem immature to certain audiences.

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While Self Reliance is a fun and entertaining film that offers an interesting perspective on human condition, While it is not entirely a masterpiece film, the 2024 release will make you laugh and cry ‘Self Reliance’ if what you are after in a comedy movie is tear-jerking humor that turns out to be rather meaningful.


If you liked films such as “The Truman Show” or “Man vs. If you like Wild, chances are that you will enjoy the humor and absurdity of “Self Reliance”. You may also get to appreciate Jake Johnston’s performance.

Where to Watch Self Reliance Movie 

2024Theatrical Release: Playing in select theaters across United States as reality show thriller right now. One of the easiest ways for you to find tickets as well as showtimes is through websites such as Fandango and AMC Theatres.

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Hulu Premiere: Hopefully the film will be streamed officially on Hulu in United States from 12 January, 2024. This is if you’d like to catch this powerful reality show movie shot in 2024 and stream online. Some predictions show that “Self Reliance” will be released on other streaming platforms at some point, but as of now there is no confirmed release date for those services.

Therefore, according to your interest you can either see it on a screen this weekend at the cinemas or couple of days later watch relaxing in front TV watching it online over Hulu.

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Q: What is the plot of “Self Reliance” movie?

Self Reliance is a dark web reality show where one can win 1 million dollars in a life or death game. The main character, portrayed by Jake Johnson is left all alone and has to play a deadly game that involves the use of his brain.

Q: Who are the main actors in “Self Reliance”?

The cast of characters in “Self Reliance” includes Jake Johnson, Natalie Morales, Mary Holland and Emily Hampshire among others.

Q: Are there any critic reviews of “Self Reliance”?

Yes, “Self Reliance” has been criticized in many reviews for its tremendous and gripping storyline along with actors’ performances.

Q: Is “Self Reliance” similar to any other TV shows or movies?

“Self Reliance” contains the characteristics of reality TV shows and dark web reality show, but its distinctive idea makes it a very risky game full thrill.

Q: What is the premise of “Self Reliance”?

The core idea of the “Self Reliance” is a death reality game show in which contestants are given an opportunity to accumulate approximately one million dollars with regard to dark web setting.

Q: Does “Self Reliance” feature any well-known actors?

Yes, indeed the film “Self Reliance” stars Andy Samberg as a prominent character in it which makes this movie even more attractive.

Q: What are some key themes explored in “Self Reliance”?

The topics that surface in “Self Reliance” include survival, isolation, dark web dangers and what people will do for a chance to win a million dollars.

Q: Who directed “Self Reliance”?

Coleman Spilde was the director of Self Reliance, who gave a novel interpretation to an exciting and arresting storyline.

Q: Is “Self Reliance” a thriller?

Yes, “Self Reliance” is classified as a thriller where viewers have to put themselves on edge throughout the film.

Q: How can I stay updated on the latest news about Self Reliance movie reviews?

The newsletter is available for subscription to get the freshest information, backstage details and extra materials concerning “Self Reliance” along with its actors.

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