Full List of Emma Roberts Movies and TV Shows 2024

Emma Roberts Movies And Tv Shows

Let’s take a cool career ride of Emma Roberts – She is an incredible actor who began in Nickelodeon and now stands high as the star at Hollywood. We’re going to look at all the great movies and TV shows she starred in, which proves her talent as an actress.

List of Emma Roberts Movies and TV Shows

Emma Roberts Movies

1. Blow (2001)

Biography, Crime, Drama


In 2001 Blow, a biographical crime drama film directed by Ted Demme tells the story of George Jung who was one giant figure in American cocaine business circa seventies to early eighties. This is a true story in the movie Sally, with Johnny Depp as well Penelope Cruz and Ray Liotta among its main champions.

2.  BigLove (Short Film)

Emma Roberts played the role of “BigLove,” a 10-minute short movie. However, the summary of that short film is not included in these search results.

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3.  America’s Sweethearts (2001)

Comedy, Romance

America'S Sweethearts
America’s Sweethearts

America’s Sweethearts is a 2001 romantic comedy story about a movie publicist who has to deal with the mess separating his motion picture heroines and keep away photographic artists.

4.  Grand Champion (2002)

Family, Comedy

Grand Champion (2002)
Grand Champion (2002)

A 2012 film named “Grand Champion” is about a young boy who raises and trains an award-winning calf which many people wish to take away from him.

5.  Spymate (2006)

Adventure, Family


Spymate is a 2006 family adventure comedy movie that follows the chimp trained to become a spy and his work with an underage boy on their mission.

6.  Aquamarine (2006)

Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Aquamarine (2006)
Aquamarine (2006)

Aquamarine, a 2006 film about two young girls who discover that there is a mermaid hiding in the swimming pool belonging to their beach club and aid her in her mission of finding love with someone if she would grant them one wish.

7.  Nancy Drew (2007)

Comedy, Crime, Family

Nancy Drew (2007)
Nancy Drew (2007)

In 2007 the movie “Nancy Drew” was released; it is about a teen detective, who went on holiday to Los Angeles with her father and accidentally uncover evidence regarding an unsolved crime.

8.  The Flight Before Christmas (2008)

Animation, Adventure, Family

The Flight Before Christmas (2008)
The Flight Before Christmas (2008)

The Flight Before Christmas is an animated holiday special concerning a young reindeer with vertigo named Niko who should overcome his fear of flying. He learns to fly from a bumbling squirrel and goes to the North Pole where he rescues Santa Claus as well as his reindeer flying squad.

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9.  Wild Child (2008)

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Wild Child (2008)
Wild Child (2008)

In 2008, Wild Child is a school film about the spoiled Malibu princess being sent to an English boarding school by her father in order to provide him with discipline and responsibility.

10. Lymelife (2008)

Comedy, Drama

Lymelife (2008)
Lymelife (2008)

Lymelife is a 2008 film set in Long Island of the late197os, about this family and its difficulties withthe consequencesof Lyme diseaseand relationship problems.

11.  Hotel for Dogs (2009)

Comedy, Family

Hotel For Dogs (2009)
Hotel for Dogs (2009)

In 2009, the film “Hotel for Dogs” describes two orphans living in an abandoned hotel that is used to hide stray dogs.

12. The Winning Season (2009)

Comedy, Drama, Sport

The Winning Season (2009)
The Winning Season (2009)

The Winning Season is a 2009 film where an alcoholic lone divorced and down in his own luck gets offered the chance to train girls basketball for high school.

13.  Valentine’s Day (2010)

Comedy, Romance

Valentine’s Day is a 2010 romantic comedy based on the life of couples and singles in Los Angeles specifically February 14.

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14. Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (2010)

Drama, Romance

The publication in 2010 by Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac was about the situation when an adolescent girl, after falling down lost her memories and had to seek for her life again as well as acquaintances.

15. Twelve (2010)

Drama, Thriller

A film named 12, released in the year of 2010 depicts a story about school dropout who becomes drug kingpin to sustain his fancy life and what takes place as penalties.

16. (2010)

Comedy, Thriller

4.3.2 .1 is a comedy-thriller urban film written and co directed by Noel Clarke of the year twenty ten The movie tells the story of four rebellious girls whose lives are turned upside down when they meet psycho killers. The action of the story is observed in London and New York, where there are four main characters—Jo (Emma Roberts), Shannon (Ophelia Lovibond), Kerrys (Tamsin Egerton) and Cassandra represented by Tamsin Egerton.

17.  It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

Comedy, Drama

” It’s Kind of a Funny Story” is the 2010 movie about teenager Craig that gets into mental health facility to escape from high school and worry his family. There he encounters different patients and workers, learns the meaning of life, love as well as friendship.

18. Virginia (2010)

Drama, Thriller

Virginia is a 2010 movie about the life of an individual named as Virginia who has just lost her husband and needs to raise two children. A plot that can be deadly when she discovers her husband was a part of an elite and classified government assignment.

19. Scream 4 (2011)

Horror, Thriller

“Scream 4” is a horror movie released in the year of 2011 that is considered to be one sequel directed on original trilogy Sidney Prescott returns to her home town where she promotes her new book and is hunted down by a masked killer.

20. The Art of Getting By (2011)

Comedy, Drama

In “The Art of Getting By”, a teenager named George is trying to define his position in life. A classmate named Dustin befriends, and he then goes on a number of adventures with George that show him what life is all about love friendship.

21.  Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

Comedy, Drama, Romance

In Celeste and Jesse Forever, a husband-wife pair may be divided but not conquered. They are still friends because they grew while growing apart – throughout their lives together with over sixteen years of marriage including six split as her divorcee loved him even if he was used to break up outside home forever captured on film in 2012 The couple continues living amiably although Along the way through their highs and lows within the relationship, they have to face each other’ feelings for one another and determine whether or not making friendship work is possible.

22. Empire State (2013)

Action, Crime, Thriller

Empire state is a 2013 film that narrates on two old friends, Chris and Tarik who rob the bank in order to save their dying neighborhood. So when planning the robbery, they have to pass through a dangerous world in which crime families and police are tracking every their move.

23. We’re the Millers (2013)


The 2013 movie “We’re the Millers” tells of some misfits who team up to move tons marijuana from Mexico into America. As they begin their travels, there is a variety of unforeseen and amusing hindrances that stands in the way.

24. Adult World (2014)

Comedy, Drama

The Adult World is a 2014 comedy-drama movie, starring Emma Roberts and John Cusack. The story that this tale follows is about a freshly graduated college accepting to work for an adult bookstore in the hope of remaining close to her longing after poetry. There are threads relating to self-search, career and growing up.

25. Palo Alto (2014)


It tells a story about drama movie, Palo Alto that was firstly produced in 2014 from short stories of James Franco as an author. The film centers on a group of teenagers struggling with challenges involve in adolescence, relationships and self-determination that arise due to the fact they are living life in one of California’s well to do city named Palo Alto.

26. I Am Michael (2015)

Biography, Drama, Romance

A 2015 biographical drama film, “I Am Michael,” depicts the life story of an activist who seemingly changed his orientation from gay to heterosexual and claimed that he became a Christian pastor. The movie focuses on Glatze’s personal transformation, religious conversion as well as its impact made in his activities along with LGBTQ+ community).

27. Ashby (2015)

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Ashby is a comedydrama of 2015, where the film revolves around an awkward teenager who becomes friends with his cable guy-AshbyformerCIAHitman. Although the two become close friends, gradually their relationship reveals Ashby’s enigmatic past and career.

28. The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

Horror, Thriller

The Blackcoat’s Daughter is a 2015 horror thriller movie about two girls, who are left alone at their boarding school during winter holidays being attacked by some supernatural evil. The film develops a suspenseful and cinematic tale that tackles isolation, fearfulness as well ghostly concepts.

29. Nerve (2016)

Adventure, Crime, Drama

It is a techno-thriller (film) in 2016 which was about an online truth or dare game, where players do progressively risky dares for cash and social media popularity. This is the story of a high school senior student who falls into this game and gets on herself in dangerous situations.

30. Who We Are Now (2017)


“Who We Are Now,” a 2017 drama film, is about the woman who was released from prison and wants to have her young son back. The film shows the trouble she has to go through in order to forget her past, going into legal system and start a new life without fearing anything.

31. In a Relationship (2018)

Comedy, Drama

In the “In a Relationship” film of 2018 romantic comedy and drama, there are two couples whose stories connect each other and show some layering features of modern relationships. Love, commitment and the romance of today’s relationships become to be in a focus of attention in this film which penetrates into new social media realities.

32. Billionaire Boys Club (2018)

Biography, Drama, Thriller

In 2018, released the biographical crime-drama film “Billionaire Boys Club” which is about several rich young people from Los Angeles establishing an investment group that causes terrible consequences. The film bases itself with the Billionaire Boys Club and how far individuals are willing to go for money, which is eventually their undoing.

33. Little Italy (2018)

Comedy, Romance

“Little Italy” is a 2018 Canadian and American romantic comedy film by Donald Petrie. There is a story that the two young people Leo Campo and Nikki Angioli are, respectively involved in it who happen to be the children of rival New York pizzeria owner. In their budding romance, they also have to find ways of dealing with the ongoing rivalry between two pizza restaurants owned by these families.

34. UglyDolls: Extraordinarily Ugly (2019)

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

“UglyDolls: “Extraordinarily Ugly” is a 2019 animated film inspired by the popular toy line, UglyDolls. Therefore, the film tells about such journey of Moxy as a lovable but strange UglyDoll who tries to find her reason and discovers self-acceptation becoming true yourself.

35. Paradise Hills (2019)

Drama, Fantasy, Romance

“Paradise Hills” is a Spanish-language film released in the year 2019 which tells about themes or how identity, self discovery and love are powerful. Health Issues: Written Papers.

36. The Hunt (2020)

Thriller, Action

A group of elite hunters, in 2020’s “The Hunt,” meet to play a deadly game at the Pacific Northwest. The moving addresses issues such as the struggle to survive, strategy and a moral epiphany.

37. Holidate (2020)

Comedy, Romance

Holidate is a 2020 romantic comedy film about two people who decide to become each other’s plus ones, or dates, during holidays and events held every year.

38. Acerca del destino (2022)

Drama, Romance

‘Acerca del destino’ is a film about love and its different complexities released in Spain during the year of our lord two zero twenty-two. The story centers around two characters who meet on their ways and have to deal with the highs and lows of love.

39. Abandoned (2022)

Thriller, Horror

In the film Abandoned (2023) which is categorized as horror-thriller, a young woman being an inheritor of her grandma’s mansion after her demise. She is given an opportunity to explore the estate and as she probes deeper, dark secrets that need facing a force beyond her normal strength reveal.

40. Maybe I Do (2023)

Comedy, Romance

As a romantic comedy film in 2023, “Maybe I Do” tells the story of woman who is about to get married but begins doubts this when she reunites with her former lover. The movie is about love, marriage and difficult choices.

41. Madame Web (2024)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

An American superhero film of 2024 based on Marvel Comics character, Madame Web is in the horizon. A young woman is selected to be the new Spider-Woman under Madame web’s mysterious guidance and must fight her way through a treacherous world of superheroes, villains. 

Emma Roberts TV Shows

1.  Unfabulous (2004-2007)

Comedy, Drama, Family

“Unfabulous” was an American teen sitcom aired on Nickelodeon between 2004 and 2014. In this show, Addie Singer is a teenager attending middle school and writing songs about her life in the confines of such an environment. Zack Carter-Schwartz and Geena Fabiano are her best friends, Ben is the oldest sibling. The program goes into the average teenager problems such as crushes, boyfriend/girlfriend and school life.

2. Drake & Josh (2004)

Comedy, Family

The American sitcom Nickelodeon broadcasted Drake & Josh from between 2004 and 17. The series centers around the lives of two stepbrothers, Drake Parker and Josh Nichols who have completely different characters that lead them most times into comic situations. The plots of the series include family, friendship and growing up.

3. Punk’d (2006-2012)

Reality-TV, Comedy

Punk’d is an American hidden camera-practical joke reality television series on MTV from 2003 to present. The show has been launched by Ashton Kutcher. The show concentrates on the reaction of celebrities and hilarious moments that are created.

4. The Hills (2007)

Reality-TV, Drama

The Hills is an American reality television show that aired on MTV during the 2006-10 seasons. The lives of a variety of young women who live in Los Angeles and their relationships with the family, friends and work are depicted by this show. The show discusses issues such as friendship, romance and coming of age.

5. Jonas L.A. (2010)

Comedy, Family, Music

Jonas L.A stands as an American sitcom which was telecasted on Disney Channel between 2009 and 201 and The show focuses on the lives of three brothers who are members of one popular band, Jonas Brothers. The show addresses topics such as family, companionship and stardom.

6. Take Two with Phineas and Ferb (2010)

Animation, Comedy, Family

“Take Two with Phineas and Ferb” was a popular American talk show that from 201 to appeared on the Disney television channel. In the TV series, Phineas and Ferb are stepbrothers who have a backyard talk show. The show has several celebrities including humour, music and creativity.

7. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2011)

Reality-TV, Family

The show, originally on ABC and relaunched in 2020 by HGTV, is called “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. It was an American reality television. The family featured in the show had faced hardships, which resulted to their home being remodeled completely so that it can meet all of its needs. Developed by Ty Pennington, the show presents a one-week transformation of family’s home and lives through design team with volunteer teams.

8. Family Guy (2013)

Animation, Comedy

Family Guy is an animated American Sitcom series premiered in 1999. It revolves around the Griffin family: Peter, Lois and their children Meg, Chris, Stewie with the talking dog Brian. This series is also known for its humorous comedy, pop culture and cutaway jokes.

9. American Horror Story: Coven (2013-2014)

Horror, Drama, Thriller

American Horror Story: Coven is a season 3 of the US horror anthology television series “American Horror Story . The period is based in New Orleans and details the lives of witches, sometimes personal and otherwise supernatural. Power, family and the result of one’s deeds are a few themes that are investigated in this series.

10. Delirium (2014)

Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Delirium is a 2014 TV movie based on the novel of Lauren Oliver. In the plot, love is shown as a sickness and an operation performed to treat it. While the main actor Lena Holoway wants to undergo it for several months before falling in love a few months prior to her 18th birthday when surgery had been scheduled. Using this film, her desire to understand love and the world she lives in is depicted.

11. American Horror Story: Freak Show (2014-2015)

Drama, Horror, Thriller

“American Horror Story: The fourth season of the American horror anthology television show “American Horror Story” is dubbed “Freak Show”. Based on the year, it takes place in Florida; Jupiter was set up mid twentieth century’s last freak show of United States when they face dark forces and hardships from outside world. Identity, acceptance and the human aspect are also touched upon in this series.

12. Scream Queens (2015-2016)

Comedy, Horror, Mystery

Scream Queens is an American black comedy horror television series that premiered in the United States on Fox. The setting is a sorority house where the characters of this show are abducted by serial killers. The show is a combination of horror and black comedy featuring an ensemble cast.

13. American Horror Story: Cult (2017)

Drama, Horror, Thriller

“American Horror Story: The seventh season of the series American Horror Story,” a television anthology concerned with horror files, all as seventeen episodes focus on cult terrorizing at Brookfield Heights in Michigan after Donald Trump wins presidency early 2017.

14. American Horror Story: Apocalypse (2018)

Drama, Horror, Thriller

“American Horror Story: Apocalypse” is the eighth season of an American anthology tv-show named ‘American horror story’. It consists of two previous seasons – “Murder House”, and then crossover with “Coven”. The plot follows a postapocalyptic world.

15. American Horror Story: 1984 (2019)

Drama, Horror, Thriller

“American Horror Story: The ninth season of the American horror anthology television series “American Horror Story” is titled 1984 and it is set in Republic during the decade. This year features a serial killer hunting camp counselors, who are his victims one by they’re dying.”

16. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (2020)

Reality-TV, Competition

“RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” is a spin-off of the famous reality-TV competition series “RuPaul’sDrag Race.” The participants are featured as former contestants from previous seasons and they compete in various challenges for champion.

17. American Horror Story: Delicate (2024)

Drama, Horror, Thriller

American Horror Story Season 1: “Delicate” is the eleventh season of an anthology TV series in a horror genre from USA called “American Horror Story.” Its title and plot details remain unknown though it’s scheduled to air this year.

Wrapping Up

And we close our tour of Emma Roberts’ life! Whether you have been follower for a long period of time or just recently got to know her, she is that big person in the Hollywood industry. Consequently, on your movie adventure and TV journey make sure to watch Emma’s brilliant performances. Rest assured, it’s an exciting adventure.


Q: What are  some popular movies and TV shows featuring Emma Roberts?

The popular movies and TV shows of Emma Roberts include Scream Queens, American Horror Story, Nerve We’re the Millers Nancy Drew.

Q: Is Emma Roberts related to Julia Roberts?

Yes, Emma Roberts is the niece of Academy Awards winner Julia and daughter born to actor Eric.

Q: When was Emma Roberts born?

Emma Roberts was birthed on February 10.

Q: What are some platforms where I can find Emma Roberts’s work?

Emma Roberts’s work is available on FX, Nickelodeon and IMDb.

Q: What was Emma Roberts’s role in “Scream Queens”?

 Emma Roberts was the main character in “Scream Queens” where she portrayed Chanel Oberlin.

Q: Has Emma Roberts worked in any anthology horror series?

Yes, Emma Roberts can be seen in the anthology horror series ” American Horror Story.”

Q: What helped Emma Roberts decide to pursue acting?

Emma chose to become an actress in part because she had surrounded by the movie sets as a result of her parents’ profession.

Q: How did positive and critics rate Emma Roberts’s performances on Rotten Tomatoes?

Critiques’ critiquing of Emma Roberts in performances may be found on websites such as Rotten Tomatoes.

Q: In which film did Emma Roberts play the lead role of Addie Singer?

 Emma Roberts played the main character of Addie Singer, a children’s television series “Unfabulous” produced by Nickelodeon.

Q: What was Emma Roberts’s role in Gia Coppola’s directorial debut?

In the first feature film of Gia Coppola “Palo Alto,” Emma Roberts acted in it as April.

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