Angela Krislinzki Biography, Height, Age, Movies & More (2024)

Angela Krislinzki Biography, Height, Age, Movies &Amp; More (2024)

The name ‘Angela Krislinzki’ stands out in the Indian cinema today, as she has made and gifted herself the identity of a polish and Indian ethnicity actress who has shown her skills with her inner beauty and talents. Her life started in the cinema industry in 1993 in a city of Mumbai. In her life, there are many things, including the reality show, modeling and acting that make Angela Kunal’s multifaceted name familiar to audiences on the screen.

Early Life and Reality TV Stint

Anka’s Polish background is from her mother, Dr. Neeta Krislizki, whereas, she is Indian from her Mumbai upbringing. She is characterized by a rare personality and gracious command of languages which she masters not just merrily but street-wise. In the preact of her film career, Angela tried to feel the key with the reality tv as she participated on shows like “Beauty and the Geek “,” Splitsvilla ” and “Lux the Chosen One “. This platforms not only anchored her self-confidence and public speaking skills but also expertise her in the entertainment industry’s fast pace.

Debut and Rise to Prominence:

Angela’s first film screen she recorded was the Telugu motion picture “Rogue” in which Puri Jagannadh the famed director was the director of this film. She displayed such a sparkling character in her first movie roles, and it aroused great expectations of her future career. The same time, she stepped into Bollywood movie industry featuring with film director Mr. Bhatt’s horror movie ‘1921’ proving her nerve for the change and manipulation into other genres.

A Multifaceted Artist:

One more thing that Angela is good at is dance. She can be a great dancer in salsa, hip-hop or Bollywood, and many others. She has bejeweled her works with certain sophistication and expression as was seen in many of her dance numbers like ‘jyothi lakshmi’ and ‘size zero” in the south Indian films.

Beyond the Silver Screen:

Through bridging real-life issues with her movie roles, Angela has amassed an enormous net reach and engaged numerous fans through her YouTube content. She took part in the reality show entitled as India’s Next Superstars, which is judged by the formidable Nidhhi considering the fact that professionals in the field of Entertainment, namely Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty. This platform provided her the opportunity to demonstrate that skill to adapt, amusingly, and her winning competitiveness. Her YouTube channel became a testament to this adaptability. She ended with a wide fan base and industry recognition.

Current Projects and Future Aspirations:

Angela has successfully completed the web-series titled “Opposite Sharman Joshi” directed by Shaad Ali and now is in sets for new blockbuster series. This project is a digital one and an important step in her near-future course that is expected to augment her abilities for development and impact. In response to the question on her future goals, Angela talks about a variety of occupations she consumed, types of genres she wishes to explore and the skills she would like to develop. 

She vividly visualizes her participation in a long list of high-profile filmmaking projects and movie stars. As a result, it will be her name that will be remembered by millions, a fact often highlighted in news articles.

Impact and Significance:

Angela Krislinzki’s trajectory, as covered in various news pieces, demonstrates actor-hopefuls and citizens are not restrained to monotonic backgrounds. She is a personification of the virtues of perseverance and the arts to build bridges between cultures. Indian market for films sets the direction towards diversity and the future while laying a ground that artistic merit does not depend on the geographical borders.

Time and again, the success story of Angela Krislinzki tells us that she is not only an actress, but also an unstoppable force who cannot be simply ignored. Her devotion, skill, and resilience are the double standards she set up for upcoming artists and the glitter star to the Indian film industry. Alongside her magnetic persona and talent for authentic portrayal, she is most definitely taking huge leaps in a short amount of time to become a global icon in Bollywood.

Relationship with Madhav Mahajan:

Shayna and the frontman of a rock band named Madhav Mahajan have been together since 2019, a relationship that often features in news stories. The duo met when they both were there during the making of the Punjabi music video “Chann Vi Gawah” in which Madhav also provided the leading voice as the song. Their link was apparently forged and enhanced amid the lockdown in 2020, even though they were off in different places. 

They then continued to date for some time, and later near the end of October in 2023, Madhav proposed to her. They got married in Jalandhar the next month. Nevertheless, they sealed the knot in similar location where they took a video for “Chann Vi Gawah” song so that sweet sentiment was also involved in this big day.

Family and Friends:

Unlike the rest, Angela defines herself by being very close to his family, primarily mother, Dr. Neeta Krislinzki. It is not clear whether she is close or distant with her extended family, and whether or not she has other relatives that she is public about that relationship with. Regarding her friends, it seems she has a tight-knit group of co-workers and people from the industry in general. Lots of pictures with them get posts on her social page. But aside from these, individual friend conversations lead to the most fantastical of experiences that one can always keep personal.


To sum up, Angela pays the attention to keep her privacy cleansed of her individual facts, an effort that includes meticulously managing her image on her official email 💌 There could be a couple of reasons, such as her cultural background, an urge to stay with normal people who are not celebrities or may be just the pure desire to stand out from the crowd. 

She likes to post here and there about her relationship with Madhav and with friends and relatives, but doesn’t go too deep into how they relate or mention inappropriate things that would about her own family and life.

Angela Krislinzki Net Worth

Online platforms, which were readily accessible for this research, would put the value of her net worth at around a million dollars. This number (year) is arrived at by including her income from acting, modeline jobs and also TV reality show.

Angela started to make her acting performance in 2017 with the Telugu film “Rogue,” which she now has done acting in different movies of Telugu and Hindi. On top of acting in movies, she has also carved her niche in television shows by participating in India’s Next Superstars and MTV Splitsvilla.

Her modeling career in addition to the acting one has left her as a very perspicuous person, often discussed in photo essays and magazine features. She has been on campaigns of major fashion concern for such brands as L’Oreal, Lakme and Forever 21.(quote, present, concern). To add more, this teen icon also attracts huge audiences on social media platforms like Instagram, where she boasts over 2 million of followers.

Ultimately, it is reasonable to believe that Angela’s net worth will remain bolstered during her career. She inhabits most of her roles perfectly with one incredible performance after another.

Angela Krislinzki hieght

As shown on numerous websites, Angela Krislinzki’s height is 170 centimeters (that is 5 feet and 7 inches). Krzysztof Kieslowski’s “Three Colors” trilogy is one of the finest films made in the history of Polish cinematography. She is of Polish and Indian descent; her height shows the reflection of mixed origin.

Angela Krislinzki  Awards

In addition to various awards for acting and modeling, Angela Krislinzki is now recognized as one of Indonesia’s most sought-out cover models, frequently appearing in high-profile photo shoots. Here are some of her most notable awards:

Here are some of her most notable awards:

  • 2019: Meet India’s Next Stars – The Contender, a TV show that captured the attention of millions and increased her fame at a young age.
  • 2020: Filmfare Awards South; Female Debut (Telugu) category for her film “Rogue”
  • 2021: Zee Cine Awards: The Best Debut in Female Film Category in Hindi for 1921 (1921 Award).
  • 2022: Besides being nominated for the South Indian International Movie Awards – Best Female Debut (Telugu) award, ‘Rogue’ was also acknowledged for its powerful female presence in the genre of genre crime thriller.

She also been short-listed for quite a number of other awards, for example: the Filmfare Award, the IIFA Award and the Star Screen Award.

The intelligent and gifted actress as well as a very disciplined and hard-working one, she has already started to earn respect and grow a reputation among her peers and possible employers within just a year being into this business. She is a young girl who is busy to make her name and ill-famed. She is bound to draw nothing but the good because she possesses brilliant skills, an attribute that filmmakers and co-stars, including Khan, admire.

Angela Krislinzki Movies / Filmography

Here’s a list of Angela Krasinski movies along with some of her roles:

  1. Jyothi Lakshmi (2015)
  2. Size Zero (2015)
  3. Rogue (2017)
  4. Ramratan (2017)
  5. 1921 (2018)
  6. Malang (2020)
  7. Tauba Tera Jalwa (2024)

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