Leila Anastasia Scott Biography (2024)

Leila Anastasia Biography

Leila Anastasia Scott is not one to avoid the limelight. Seaking actress, who was having a theatrical background Scott is creating ripples in films industry through her latest reserved for horror fantasy film “Erzulie.”

In “Erzulie,” the author embodies Erzulie, a mermaid goddess who is mysterious and has an immense influence; she lives deep in the ocean where Haïti’s waters meet. The film to star Zoe Graham, Elizabeth Trieu Courtney Olivier Diana Rose and Jason KirkPatrick is billed as a thrilling visual journey into abyssal depths of myth phenomenon magic.

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The casting of Scott in “Erzulie” is proof to her versatility and talent. She has a mesmerizing screen appeal that is alluring and lethal, just right for the vengeful mermaid goddess.

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In an interview, Scott talked about her enthusiasm for the project and how she related to it through its character Erzulie. “I’ve always been attracted to stories of strong women,” she said. “Erzulie is not only beautiful but powerful, complex and imperfectly herself. I’m fortunate for having the chance to bring this goddess back on screen.” 



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