The Mummy Murders Movie Review: 2024 Film Reviews

The Mummy Murders Movie Review


Introduced in January 2024, “The Mummy Murders” is a low-budget thriller movie which receives both positive and negative comments by critics as well as people. While lauded for its interesting plot and eerie mood, the movie has also been lambasted because of inconsistent pacing, easily foreseeable plot turns and unimpressive character portrayals. In this article we will I will provide you detailed about The Mummy Murders Movie Review and much more.

The Mummy Murders Movie Summary

In the story, we follow Alexis a hardworking reporter for one of San Antonio’s news stations as she unravels a series of savage murders that have sent ripples throughout the city and created an atmosphere filled with horror. Victims are all seemingly unconnected, found tied up and covered with linen like the ancient Egyptian mummies. As Alexis investigates further into the mystery, she finds herself in a world of dark conspiracies and hidden intentions that eventually brings her eye to face with it’s killer whose reasons for killings are almost as old as time itself.

The atmosphere of this film is one its strongest points. Director Colin Bressler commendably makes an uneasy sense and a feeling of dread, creating suspense from the very beginning working with limited budget means. The dark alleyways, strange sounds of long forgotten curses and constant fear of the invisible criminal lurking nearby all join together to create a sinister atmosphere that will keep viewers on their toes throughout.

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The central performance by Leila Anastasia Scott as Alexis is also a key point. Scott fills the character with a fierce determination and vulnerability that makes her relatable and compelling. She is able to give the audience a sense of Alexis’s increasing fixation with this case being more important than herself.

While the premise of “The Mummy Murders” is fascinating, it has some areas in which its execution leaves much to be desired. However, this plot sometimes loses its momentum because of unnecessary subplots and predictability in character arcs. The identity of the killer and their motivations are also brought out in a rather dull way, which just leaves viewers feeling unsatisfied about it with unanswered question marks on why they did what they did.

The cast, apart from Scott, mostly gave forgettable performances. The dialogue very often seems both stilted and forced failing to provide a more emotional weighting in the narrative. Further, it is evident that the budget constraints of the film are reflected in some of its special effects which cannot

“The Mummy Murders” is a film that is bound to realize its potential, but sadly succumbs to its own imperfections. Though the central mystery and Scott are engaging, uneven pacing predictable plot twists along with lackluster supporting cast keep it from being a full potential film. If you are looking for a coldly chilling thriller with an eccentric premise, “The Mummy Murders” may be worth its time but don’t expect too much.

Where to Watch The Mummy Murders Movie

Current Theatrical Release:

The film might still run on specific theatres in the US and beyond. You can check local listings or use online resources like Fandango , Moviefone to see if it is available near you.

Upcoming Streaming or VOD Release:

The film will more than likely be on the streaming sites or available for VOD purchase, shortly after its release in cinemas. Some potential platforms to watch include:

Keep an eye out for announcements:

  • Alternatively, follow the official social media pages of this film or those associated with its distribution company Gravitas Ventures to learn about when it might be available for streaming or VOD. One can also track down where the film is available, using websites such as Just Watch and Where to Watch.

Q: Who are the main celebrities cast and crew of “The Mummy Murders”?

Colin Bressler directs the movie featuring Jason Scarbrough, Leila Annastasia Scott , Aimee Michelle and Joe. Jeff Caperton is also a member of the crew who has worked on cinematography and direction leaving viewers mesmerized by how he captures his characters, as well as with the complexity of storytelling.

Q: When was the release date of “The Mummy Murders”?

2024 released The Mummy Murders, for the audience that were spell-bound with its storytelling.

Q: What are The Mummy Murders movie review?

As such, “The Mummy Murders” has received positive reviews by many who enjoyed the film for being suspenseful and gripping in terms of portraying a mummy murderer. The movie has had a lasting impression on the viewers and critics also.

Q: How audience can watch “The Mummy Murders” which stream TV?

“The Mummy Murders” can be streamed on TV or digital platforms. Go through your local listings to know the timings of the show or search for online streaming options so that you can enjoy this thrilling tale on mummy murders.

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