He Went That Way Movie Review


  • Director: Jeffrey Darling
  • Cast: Jacob Elordi, Ben Schwartz, Adelaide Clemens, Rhys Wakefield, Steven Brand
  • Release Date: January 5, 2024
  • Run Time: 98 minutes

The short film “He Went That Way” by Jeffrey Darling resists simple classification. It is part neo-noir thriller, part quirky buddy comedy; even though on a desert road trip but altogether these are blended into a smoothie ending up with an unbalanced and surprisingly fascinating cinematography.

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He Went That Way Trailer


The story follows Tommy (Jacob Elordi), a chimp trainer, and his pet Bobo sidekick who encounter one day their hitchhiker – Jack (Ben Schwartz) on the desert road. Instead, a harmless beginning of an encounter gets transformed into something strange when Tommy realizes Jack is a wanted serial killer. With a deadly passenger and trapped in the emptiness of a vast desert, Tommy will depend on his intelligence as well as Bobo’s unexpected resilience to survive.

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What Works:

The most powerful aspect of the film is its amazing visuals. Director Darling realizes the dry and barren landscape by means of a range of colorful oranges, golds, teals that gives her film an otherworldly feeling. The cinematography is also phenomenal, stunning shots of the vast desert and using surprising framing to convey isolation.

The roles of Elordi and Schwartz are played with much dedication, where they infuse humor and heartbreak into these characters. Tommy is able to channel the quirky energy of Elordi, and Schwartz’s madness accurately portrays Jack as an unpredictable character. Their scenes together are one of the best things about this film even though their intentions and sides keep changing.

What Doesn’t Work:

The weakness of the film is an unbalanced tone. It swings wildly from black comedy to scary thriller and never settles in a comfortable halfway point. The story also becomes more predictable, and the viewer is a few steps ahead of the characters. Moreover, the films’s thematic goals – loneliness, morality and friendship remain largely undeveloped and leave us with a feeling of unsatisfying vagueness.

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He Went That Way is a film that will be divisive to the audiences. People who enjoy its stylistic embellishments and quirky types of humor might jump on the bandwagon for this crazed trip. But for those looking for a coherent story that explores characters and themes, they are likely to find what they need. Finally, He Went That Way is a visually entrancing and strangely fascinating film that fails to fully exploit its singular strengths.


Full of visuals and with a distinctive dark humor element, ‘He Went That Way’ is worth your time But expect a story that is more focused on mood and character relationships than coherent plot development or thematic closure.

Where to Watch:

It was released on October 26, 2023 and is rented or purchased online on VOD platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play and YouTube. It is also showing in select theaters nationwide. You can find exact showtimes and ticket availability on websites like Fandango or Atom Tickets.


Q: What is “He Went That Way” movie about?

Because He Went That Way is a thriller based on the true crime story of Evan Larry Lee Ranes, a nineteen-year old serial killer. The film traces the manhunt of this infamous killer who goes on a wild road trip in a camper with his celebrity animal handler, Bobby “Spanky” Karamazov.

Q: Who are the main actors in “He Went That Way”?

The film features Jacob Elordi as the serial killer Evan Larry Lee Ranes and Zachary Quinto as Bobby ‘Spanky’ Karamazov, a celebrity animal trainer.

Q: Is “He Went That Way” based on a true story?

Yes, the film is based on a real life crime that happened in 1964 inspired by events from Jim’s handler book “Luke Karamazov” written by Patrick J.

Q: What is the Rotten Tomatoes rating for He Went That Way movie review?

To date, “He Went That Way” has an Rotten Tomatoes rating of 75%, which implies that it is a good watch.

Q: How can I receive the latest updates on “He Went That Way”?

You can register with the newsletter to receive current information, reviews and any updates regarding “He Went That Way” from Rotten Tomatoes.

Q: What publications have reviewed “He Went That Way”?

The film has been reviewed by journalisms like Hollywood Reporter, Chicago Sun-Times and Critics Choice Awards getting fame as well as trendy remarks.

Q: What role does Jacob Elordi play in “He Went That Way”?

In the film “He Went That Way,” Jacob Elordi plays as 19-year old Ranes, a serial killer. He was able to render this role in such manner that gave more intensity and depth on how thrilling is towards storyline of the movie.

Q: Is there a celebrity animal handler character in “He Went That Way”?

Indeed, the film has a celebrity character- Bobby “Spanky” Karamazov played by Zachary Quinto that is an animal handler based on the gripping story.

Q: What can I expect from the movie “He Went That Way”?

He Went That Way Is an Excellent Thriller Based on a True Crime Story, Featuring Powerful Performances by Jacob Elordi and Zachary Quinto, as well As A Heart-Pumping Chase Scene.

Q: Where can I find the privacy policy and terms for “He Went That Way”?

The privacy policy and terms for “He Went That Way” can be accessed from the official website of the movie or production studio that produced it.

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