My Ex-Friend’s Wedding Movie Review (2024)

My Ex-Friend'S Wedding Movie Review (2024)

“My Ex-Friend’s Wedding,” the most recent movie by fresh director Kay Cannon who already done great job in “Blocker”, uses renewed romantic comedy’s privileges to win hearts of audience. In this hysterical movie, the friends from childhood, who have their twists in the roads yet wind up by the voice message which was done under the influence of alcohol.

Despite the plot being a familiar one, it’s the superb dialogue, the kind characters and the realistic turn the story takes that keep it a step above an ordinary romantic film.

My Ex-Friend’s Wedding: A Drunken Confession and a Race Against Time

This film is mainly about four friends who are childhoods; Ally (Ariana) who seems to have her life together as a powerful lawyer, Dina (Amanda), the creative artist who is getting married, and Liam (Nicholas) the sweet-talker and doctor, are groom-to-be; and then there is Mike (Logan) who now seems to be Ally’s settled-down Turns to be an unusual one for their lives when Ally gets a voicemail message without sense from a very drunk Dina, forcing her to disclose her hidden thoughts about her husband Liam. Being convinced that Dina is almost making a fatal mistake,

Ally hence starts making every possible effort to stop the wedding, and in such a way, reviving old emotions and feelings as well as giving her no other choice but to face her own inner emotional struggles.

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A Stellar Cast with Sparkling Chemistry:

The film’s success will depend on whether the chemistry between its major players can be as strong as the script demands. Nothing short of brilliant can be applied to Debose’s play as Ally, who is quite successful in her career but has got hit in the personal life. The take-home of this movie is the passion and ability of people to overcome their own fears and help others attain this goal as well.

Seyfried’s portrayal of Dina is just as odd and jumbled as the character’s personal life. Although she is responsibly committed, her loyal qualities to friendship emerge. Supporting cast contributes more on the storyline as the clueless one by Galitzer and Mike showing his mixed feeling are displayed perfectly by Riley. Together they shape a real and an amusing environment of friends from which one can feel like being part of. Besides, the conversations are full of verbal wit and nostalgic feelings.

More Than Just Slapstick Humor:

With a plenty of funny moments and also a load of terrible physical comedy it may be right to say that somehow script writers are managing not to make the film a reaction movie, although the language is too comics’: “My Ex-Friend’s Wedding”.

The comedy is based from the characters and their relationship, hence it is not an false because it is real and relatable. Besides that, the movie is also about friendship, second chances, and making the difficulty decision of facing the truth, thus, it gives them a deep dimension within a comedy film.

A Modern Take on a Classic Rom-Com Trope:

The movie cunningly inverts the “well-known friend-in-love-with-the-same-person-plot” which is a rare occurrence. The movie should have depicted Ally as a friend who is trying to figure out the real deal of her friendship with their emotions and the relationship problems that may surface with new information. This make a story more original and intimate – the viewers can relate the war in Ally’s world.

A Refreshing Ending That Avoids Clichés:

“My Ex-Friend’s Wedding” sees the book without the usual happy celebrations typical of the genre. It replaces fake-happily-ever-after with true love after going through true and sincere connection. The film however does not dismiss the sentimental moments, but focuses on the magnanimity of self-identity and the bond which women form.

A Film for Fans of Witty Comedies and Enduring Friendships:

“Well, it’s been a sweet little movie and what hijinks this is: “My Ex-Friend’s Wedding”” which is a very comical and kind movie. The movie is replete with easy-to-relate characters, genuine bits of wit, and the depth of emotion that you don’t expect from romantic comedy.

This film has a new approach to classic genre of rom-com. Whether it is seeing a friend get hitched or experiencing the magnitude of the convergence of friends, “My Ex-Friend’s Wedding” will give you a reason to celebrate with your light bulb even after the credits have been rolled.

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