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Colin Bressler Biography

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We will discuss life and journey in this captivating of Colin Bressler biography. Discover the story behind the name and the path to success. Colin Bressler, owner of Bressler Productions is a key player in the video production arena with over twenty years’ experience as Director of Photography and so on.

So his path started at the prominent School of Visual Arts S.V.A.) in New York City where he studied to strengthen himself in cinematography and directing, dreaming about becoming an all – rounder professional specializing in TV, film and industrial video media worlds. You may watch his movies on Netflix and Hulu.

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When Colin was in his senior year at S.V.A, he won the prestigious DUSTY award for best Cinematography which is an indication of dedication and hard work from him. Notably, he was also nominated the award for best newcomer at American Society of Cinematography awards. These early accolades in combination with his formative years in the industry has made him to be an accomplished videographer who is so skilled that he can shoot equally awesome visuals regardless of whether it’s on a large camera or small format.

Colin started as a Director of Photography mostly, but later he widened his interests and extended to directing in addition to producing. Colin’s keen eye and profound knowledge enable him constantly to provide the audience with high quality video content.

His venture into the world of direction and production has not only demonstrated his versatility but it also indicates that he is capable to navigate, and do well in all spheres related with video production landscape. His set of works features a wide spectrum from cinematic endeavors and commercial ventures, each being dotted with the trademark signs of Colin’s expertise.

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Furthermore, Colin Bressler is acknowledged for his dedication to advance creative limitations and provide content that has an effect on the audience. His contribution to the industry goes beyond acting as a mere photographer; he tells stories that have lasting effects.

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