Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg Movies Together (2024)

Kevin Hart And Mark Wahlberg

In 2021 Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg starred in a joint movie ‘Me Time’ which was recently posted on Netflix. The movie tells the story of two best boys who want to escape from their busy lives and have a crazy time in Las Vegas. This movie has ruled the charts on the streaming platform, opening at number one.

It is the first collaboration between Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg; however, their on-screen chemistry seems to have appeared naturally. It seems the two actors got along well on set according to “Me Time” director John Hamburg and their chemistry in real life was evidently captured via film. Hamburg shared that there were a lot of laughs on the set, and actors found themselves enjoying each other’s company.

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Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg off-screen friendship also remained close. In an interview with Netflix, the two actors shared their strong friendship and how much they enjoy being together. They revealed that they share a passion for fitness and workout together. They also made fun of their different ways to destress since Wahlberg likes relaxing with a glass of wine and Hart prefers working out.

“Me Time” has been a success, and it appears that the two actors have become real friends both on-screen and off. Although this is their first project together, it can be assumed that we will see other projects of these two actors in future.

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Me Time Movie Trailer

Q: Who are Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg?

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg are famous actors in Hollywood who have played both comedy movies as well as several roles.

Q: What is the latest movie featuring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg?

The most recent Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg movie that was released is the comedy film “me time,” directed by John Hamburg.

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