20 Best Christian Movies on Disney Plus: Christian Themes Movies to Watch

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Disney Plus is now available as an online streaming service for families looking for fun things to do. Disney is well known for its bright characters and enthralling classics, but the platform also has a large selection of Christian films. These movies provide tales that appeal to viewers of all ages and have inspirational themes.

In this post we will discuss about 20 endearing Christian movies on Disney Plus that may strengthen one’s faith and provide a refreshing alternative to popular culture. So gather your loved ones, curl up with a blanket, and take a trip through these inspirational stories that serve as a reminder of the beauty found in all people. Get ready for an exciting journey!

The List of Christian Movies on Disney Plus

1. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:

This movie is a remake of one of C.S. Lewis’s books that transports viewers to the fantastical Narnia. Themes like as forgiveness and sacrifice are skillfully woven into the plot of this enthralling narrative, which is set against a setting in which good finally triumphs over evil.

2. The Prince of Egypt:

Inspired by the narrative of Moses, this wonderful animated film delivers a powerful story about trusting in God, striving for human freedom, and receiving supernatural assistance. It is full of vivid images and an unforgettable music.

3. The Miracle Maker:

The narrative of Jesus Christ is brought to life in this unique animated video using a blend of stop motion and two-dimensional animation. It is appropriate for audiences as young as nine years old and offers a fresh perspective on the life of Jesus.

4. The Ultimate Gift:

A touching story of a young man’s transformations via life lessons, all imparted by his late grandpa through presents.

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5. Soul Surfer: 

The plot of the movie is based on the true story of teenage surfer Bethany Hamilton, whose moving journey shows how persistent strength and faith can be.

6. The Hiding Place:

This stirring drama film, which is based on Corrie ten Boom’s autobiographical novel, tells the actual tale of a Dutch Christian family who sacrificed all to save Jews during World War 2.

7. God’s Not Dead:

In this gripping drama, a college student confronts his philosophy professor in support of Christianity, and the student watches as a series of events test his faith.

8. I Can Only Imagine:

A Christian popular song’s soundtrack This film on MercyMe’s lead singer Bart Millard shows us how faith can transform a person and influence his music. Forgiveness is the greatest source of power.

9. The Young Messiah:

However, this is a fictitious account of Jesus Christ’s early years. Through his experiences and discoveries in life, the little child discovers what it means to be divine.

10. Do You Believe?:

A film that at first glance seems straightforward: an ensemble drama with intricately connected storylines that examines the relationship between compassion and religion in the lives of several persons.

11. Facing the Giants:

In this engaging sports drama, a high school football coach has both on-and off-field failures. Along the way, viewers learn the value of faith and how to keep going when everything seems lost.

12. The Nativity Story:

This account of Christ’s birth is accurate and conveys both the drama involving humanity plus the divine importance of everything that happened leading up to the first Nativity.

13. Miracles from Heaven:

Although this real story highlights a little girl’s incredible journey from death to life, giving her family newfound hope and faith in the process.

14. The Ten Commandments:

Based on the biblical account of Moses, this Cecil B. DeMille film classic features a standout performance by Charlton Heston.

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15. Breakthrough:

Based on a genuine event, “Breakthrough” tells the tale of a little child who, after an ice baptism, was raised from the grave. The movie looks at how religion and prayer may impact change for individuals like you and me.

16. Heaven Is for Real:

This touching play challenges and reinforces the beliefs surrounding the near-death experience of a young prodigy who claimed to have seen paradise.

17. Little Boy:

Set in the middle of World War Two, this film explores how religion can affect even the unthinkable via the story of a little boy who sets out to bring his father home safely.

18. Joseph: King of Dreams:

An animated biblical epic that narrates Joseph’s captivating story. centered on the ideas of God’s purpose, salvation, and forgiveness.

19. Pete’s Dragon:

Although this modern version of the Disney classic may not be specifically Christian, it nonetheless has themes of faith and belief, family, and miracles that appeal to those seeking upbeat, inspirational content.

20. The Star:

The Star is an animated adventure that tells the narrative of Jesus’ birth in a humorous and moving way from the perspective of an animal.

Last Thought

Only the start of an amazing adventure You’ve only just began your journey through Disney+ inspirational tales. But keep in mind that movies are beautiful because they speak to each audience in a unique manner. Therefore, let the tales to touch your emotions in a unique manner, free from bias and embracing subjects and genres of all kinds. Each movie you see adds a vibrant brick to the mosaic of optimism and personal growth. I wish you well and hope that your films will evoke amazement, humor, and an unwavering sense of goodness.


What types of Christian movies are available on Disney Plus?

A vast array of Christian-themed movies, including documentaries, live-action dramas, and animated features, are available on Disney Plus.

Are there any Christian movies true stories specifically for children on Disney Plus?

Yes, there are many kid-friendly Christian films available on Disney Plus. Among the well-known instances are:

  • The Lion King: The Lion King is a timeless tale of love, grief, and accountability.
  • Bambi: This heartwarming story about a young deer teaches valuable lessons about bravery and camaraderie.
  • Finding Nemo: The Pixar adventure picture Finding Nemo unites the themes of family, willpower, and trust.
  • Tangled: The themes of this retelling of the Rapunzel fairy story include self-discovery, forgiveness, and hope.

Is there anything I should be aware of before watching a Christian movie on Disney Plus with my family?

It is advisable to see a movie beforehand with your family, even if it is meant to have a Christian the communication. These will assist you in ensuring that the material is appropriate for the age and sensibility of your kid. Among the things to watch out for are:

  • Violence: Certain Christian films may include violent or dangerous sequences.
  • Topics of maturity: A few Christian movies deal with adult subjects like loss, mourning, and death.
  • Stereotypes: When seeing a Christian film, be on the lookout for any possible misconceptions.

You may choose Christian movies that will provide the entire family with uplifting and instructive enjoyment by bearing these points in consideration.

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