20 Best Christian movies on Pureflix

Christian Movies On Pureflix

The world of streaming offers a plethora of options to choose from.. For those seeking heartwarming stories intertwined with faith and values Pureflix stands out as a beacon of hope. Its extensive collection comprises films, with captivating plots and profound messages that touch the soul. With many great choices available where does one even begin? The following list, Christian movies on Pureflix though not exhaustive presents the 20 Christian movies on Pureflix catering to viewers of all ages and beliefs. So have no fear, believers!

So grab your blanket dim the lights a little and allow yourself to be immersed in these Christian movies on Pureflix incredible stories. Once the credits roll for your chosen film you’ll feel a renewed sense of hope and inspiration. You’ll cry along with the characters and perhaps even gain an understanding of your own faith. Lets not forget that Pureflix offers treasures that nourish our souls at every turn. It goes beyond entertainment; it serves as an avenue, for self reflection, personal growth and reconnecting with others beyond our routines.

The List of Best 20 Christian Movies on Pureflix

1. War Room (2015):

War Room
War Room

This compelling play delves, into the challenges faced by a couple who are heading towards a divorce. When the wife secretly intervenes on behalf of her husband their relationship takes a turn highlighting the power of faith and perseverance.

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2. God’s Not Dead (2014):

God'S Not Dead
God’s Not Dead

This captivating movie delves into the timeless debate, about the existence of a power portrayed from the perspective of a college freshman who encounters a professor. The profound exploration of faith and logic has sparked conversations. Captivated viewers worldwide.

3. I Can Only Imagine (2018):

I Can Only Imagine
I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine is a drama that revolves around the life of Bart Millard, who is known as the lead singer of the Christian music band Mercy Me. The movie delves into his journey of grappling with grief and forgiveness eventually leading to a transformation, through faith. This transformation not impacted Bart personally. Also had a profound influence on an entire nation. It was, during this period that he wrote the song “I Can Only Imagine.”

4. Breakthrough (2019):


Breakthrough is based on the real-life story of Joyce Smith, mother of John who dies after falling through ice and being clinically declared dead. She doesn’t give up hope though as she has a strong faith in God to save her son. The heartwarming tale of hope and determination will move audiences.

5. Heaven Is for Real (2014):

Heaven Is For Real
Heaven Is for Real

This warmhearted film goes beyond the bounds of imagination to tell the tale based on a true story, that of Colton Burpo and his alleged visit to Heaven. His view of the hereafter is unspoiled, giving audiences young and old a vision beyond fantasy.

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6. Miracles from Heaven (2016):

In this tale, a young girl with an incurable illness receives miraculous healing by faith and spiritual prayer. A message of hope and the tender portraiture of family will no doubt strike a chord with viewers.

7. The Case for Christ (2017):

The Case For Christ
The Case for Christ

On the basis of Lee Strobel’s true-life story: An atheist journalist who attempts to disprove God after his wife becomes a Christian. His investigative odyssey takes him to unexpected places, forcing rethinking of long-held preconceptions and changing his life in the end.

8. Unbroken (2014):

Based on the inspiring true story of Olympic hopeful Louis Zamperini, this biographical drama follows his unimaginable suffering as a Japanese prisoner of war in World War II. An inspirational tale of resilience, forgiveness and the power of human spirit His story is testament to faith in times of trouble.

9. The Shack (2017):

This story revolves around a father who is going through the grieving process. Unexpectedly he receives an invitation to visit a place called “The Shack,” which becomes the setting for him to confront his pain. During this journey he grapples with questions of faith and forgiveness delving into the depths of his beliefs, about God and how they relate to his grief. The film tackles themes with seriousness offering viewers a thought provoking exploration of grief and spirituality.

10. I’m Not Ashamed (2016):

We get to know Rachel Joy Scott, one of the people murdered in this tale of history.You learn about Rachela’s unwavering belief and how it affected everyone surrounding her via her notebooks and oral histories of those who were nearest to her.

11. The Jesus Music (2011):

With discussions with well-known musicians like Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill, the origins of Christian Rock examines how the followers of Jesus altered Christian music in the years between the 1960s and 1970s.Audiences are given an enthralling glimpse into a significant period in Christian history as well as the enduring influence of singing.

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12. When Calls the Heart (2014-Present):

Characteristic charm combines border grit in an endearing comedy involving a city girl adapting to life as an educator in a tightly connected Canadian frontier community. Mary Churchill experiences the ups and downs of starting over when taking in the magnificent scenery of the Wild West. The genre of romance, religion, and a strong sense of connection are all there.

13. Unbreakable Hope (2019):

The terrible tale of Colleen Stan, a young lady who was abducted and kept hostage for a period of seven years is recounted in Impossible Hope. Colleen’s profound belief and unwavering resolve enable the to get beyond the shock she experienced.

14. Facing the Giants (2006):

In this gripping sports drama, a school’s football coach must decide whether to stick with his religion throughout a trying summer. He starts the others on a path of religion and private development that ends with forgiveness as he motivates and inspires them to put their connection with God above victory.

15. Fireproof (2008):

The Kendrick siblings’ gripping story, “Fireproof,” highlights the difficulties experienced by a fireman who union with his wife is in disarray. The partner sets out on a quest to mend his relationship with regard to values while his wife delivers a warning.

16. Godspell (1973):

This famous adaptation of Matthew’s Gospel has lasted through the test over the centuries because it is full of engrossing tales and lovely songs. Godspell, renowned for its melodies and colorful costumes, spreads joy. I believe it is still relevant.

17. The Chosen (2019-Present):

This multi-season television drama offers an insight into the person and ideas of the Savior of mankind. With its appealing characters, modern flare, unique plots, “The Chosen” has won over minds among viewers.

18. The Chronicles of Narnia (2005-2010):

The great magic story novel depends on the well-loved works of C.S. Lewis and blends Christian themes with dramatic the story. In the enchanted realm of Narnia, children assist the lion Aslan in battling evil and bringing about harmony.

19. The Prince of Egypt (1998):

This animated musical of the story from Exodus Book-Moises is a beautiful and moving film. With memorable songs and a message of freedom & faith which has not altered in the intervening centuries, The Prince of Egypt makes an ideal selection for family viewing.

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20. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005):

The first book, in the series called “The Chronicles of Narnia” captivates readers with its captivating introduction to a world and its memorable characters, like Aslan, the White Witch and the Pevensie siblings. Filled with thrilling adventures, enchantment and underlying Christian themes this family friendly journey is a masterpiece that stands the test of time.

This list includes a wide variety of Christian movies available in Pureflix for all tastes and ages. Whether you’re looking for drama, inspiration or just a heartwarming family film, Pureflix.com has something to please everyone. 

So get out your popcorn, chocholate and sit back down as you travel in faith with hope along an uplifting cinematic course. That is only a starting point, however. Pureflix’s library adds more and more films, so you should keep browsing for faith-based movies that speak to your heart. Happy streaming!


As the last scenes of your chosen Pureflix film fade away, a deep feeling of satisfaction lingers. Your mind has been entertained and your heart moved by a story that nourishes the soul. What really brings beauty to Pureflix’s Christian movies is that they don’t just entertain viewers. They put the viewer into contact with themes of thought and feeling, giving each person fleeting moments in which he or she can reflect on what has been seen and be inspired by it all over again seek a new sense of purpose for him-or herself.

And remember, Pureflix is more than just a streaming service–it’s also an online community of people who are looking for stories that uplift and inspire. So share your tips, talk about favorite films with fellow viewers and join the conversation on just how powerful faith-based storytelling can be. And whenever you just want another cinematic dose of hope and inspiration, remember Pureflix the trove is here. As its library grows and with the help of ever more high-quality Christian content, Pureflix is soon going to be your stop for films that warm hearts and feed souls.

Happy streaming, and may your search through Pureflix’s Christian movies star bring you countless blessings, leading to a more fervent relationship with our Lord.


Q: What is Pure flix?

Pureflix is a streaming service providing faith-based, family-friendly entertainment, including Christian movies and TV shows as well as original productions.

Q: How can I access Pureflix to watch faith-based movies and tv shows?

To view Pureflix go to their site or app. There you need only sign up for a subscription, and it’s all yours!

Q: Are there any free trials available for watch Pure flix movies and tv series?

Right, Pureflix has a free trial for new users so that you can try out the platform before subscribing.

Q: What types of content are available on the great american Pure flix?

Pureflix provides a wide variety of content, including Christian movies and popular shows that appear on TV as well as faith-related documentaries.

Q: Can I find exclusive original redemption Christian movies to stream on Pureflix?

Yes, at Pureflix we have a collection of exclusive Christian movies and TV series only available on our platform.

Q: What are some examples of popular Christian movies available on Pureflix?

Pureflix’s popular Christian movies are Redemption, The Book of Esther and Faith and Family.

Q: Can I stream right away after signing up for Pureflix?

 Yes, after signing up for Pureflix you can begin to stream their many Christian and family-friendly films right away.

Q: How can I find book of Esther real-life and comedy content on Pureflix?

There is also a variety of real-life content and comedy, including original productions as well as comedies made for the Christian market.

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