Top 20 Christian Movies on Peacock to Watch

Christian Movies On Peacock

Hey movie fans! Sick of the same old thing on Peacock? Dive into something different! There’s a hidden gem at Peacock: lots of great Christian movies, just waiting to surprise you. Whether you prefer heart-rending family flicks, thought provoking dramas or cool documentaries there’s something to love for everyone. So go pop some corn, snuggle up and get yourselves ready to experience tales that will warm your heart and lift the spirits!

Peacock’s range of Christian movies give you the choice between many spiritually uplifting and rewarding options for your watchlist. Here are some top picks across different genres to get you started.

The List of 20 Best Christian Movies on Peacock

1. The Passion of the Christ (2004):

Mel Gibson has crafted an outstanding and visually arresting picture of Christ’s final day in his film The Passion of the Christ, allowing viewers to fully comprehend the depths of His suffering and dark.

2. God’s Not Dead (2014):

This powerful perform investigates how religion and education intersect, putting us inside the struggles of a student trying to defend their religious beliefs on campus.

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3. Heaven Is for Real (2014):

The Heaven is for Real movie, which is based on a real tale, describes the little kid of a poor family’s amazing near-death experience and what he sees in paradise. It begs the issue of how we ought to interpret life after death.

4. The Shack (2017):

The story of The Shack is captivating. Throughout this journey with one grieving parent, issues such as forgiveness, healing, and redemption are addressed.

5. Risen (2016):

Seeing this incredible narrative via the view of a Romans soldier prefect provides a completely different viewpoint on the incredible event that the transformed the path of history.

6. War Room (2015):

This powerful movie highlights the incredible effectiveness of prayer by focusing on how religion may save a marriage that is falling apart.

7. I Can Only Imagine (2018):

This movie examines topics of restitution forgiving others, and the healing power of art, and it relies on the actual history around a well-known Christian prayer.

8. Facing the Giants (2006):

A play about athletics which stresses tenacity and faith Sports drama in which a high-school football instructor guides his squad on an impossibly difficult mission by drawing motivation from his Christian faith.

9. Breakthrough (2019):

A stunning topic When her kid finds himself in a serious circumstance, mom’s steadfast trust is tested, exposing much might have accomplished in need.

10. The Case for Christ (2017):

Based on the true narrative of an independent journalist’s quest to refute the religion of Christianity, The Case for Christ is a riveting examination of logical doubt on the path towards religion.

11. Miracles from Heaven (2016):

This touching story describes a small girl’s amazing comeback and how it transforms her family’s life and the community at large, providing hope in the face of despair.

12. Fireproof (2008):

“Fireproof,” an opera with a family topic, discusses what it means to be committed and to have trust in love. With reference to an attachment that is currently hazardous, it resonates much more deeply.

13. Do You Believe? (2015):

This movie weaves together a variety of stories to examine the influence of religion on a wide range of people who must make choices that will have a lasting effect on their life.

14. October Baby (2011):

“October Baby” is a poignant play that delves into the healing power of God and the bravery required to embrace one’s individuality as a young lady matures.

15. Joseph: King of Dreams (2000):

This beautiful animation, which is an animated telling of the biblical story of Joseph and his rainbow garment, is enjoyable for viewers of all ages.

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16. The Nativity Story (2006):

This lovely retelling of the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus really catches at your heart, and here you get that sense of wonder.

17. The Ultimate Gift (2006):

This compelling story of self-discovery and generosity prompts us to think about what true riches consists of and how much it may impact our lives.

18. Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018):

An account of Paul’s imprisonment by Saltusius as an apostle of Jesus Christ, told in a historical play. Viewers are also shown the challenges that the early Christians experienced and how faith can overcome them.

19. Unconditional (2012):

This moving story probes questions of love and loss, forgiveness and salvation. Within the darkness of life’s sorrows, unconditional love shines forth as a great light with immense power to heal

20. Courageous (2011):

This very powerful film confronts men with the challenge to accept their roles as fathers and leaders. In addition, we are reminded of how important faith and integrity should be on our journey toward a life that is both noble in spirit, purposeful indeed.

Last Thoughts

All right, so you took a gander at some cool Christian movies on Peacock. But guess what? There’s tons more! Don’t hold yourself back, don’t be afraid to try just because the title has always been a certain way–spread your wings and fly. However, the best films are always those which touch you personally, so be open and allow them to do their work. Each movie is like a jigsaw piece, and you will build your own unique faith. Therefore, have a blast and find your faves. Enjoy Peacock’s personal pilgrimage of faith in the movies!


Q1: What Christian shows are on Peacock?

Peacock provides a smorgasbord of Christian television programs with differing styles. Christian shows you can now watch on Peacock include “The Chosen” (about the life of Jesus and his disciples), as well as a more lighthearted series that discusses ethical questions, with a humorous twist: The Good Place. And there are also some movies available for free watching online at YouTube or click to read Watch Free YouTube Movies.

Q2: What is the movie about Jesus on Peacock?

The Passion of the Christ is a Peacock title and award-winning film that painstakingly depicts the last hours in Jesus Christ’s life. This engaging re-creation of the crucifixion and its spiritual meaning, directed by Mel Gibson.

Q3: Are there any Christian movies on Peacock?

Indeed, Peacock offers a selection of Christian movies that cover different themes and tastes. There’s something for everyone here, from epic stories like Risen to contemporary dramas such as War Room and I Can Only Imagine.

Q4: Is there a Christian movie streaming service?

Although there’s no specialized streaming service dedicated to Christian movies, most general services offer a large quantity of faith-based content. Peacock is one such option. Besides Peacock, which does everything, there are also services like Pure Flix that focus entirely on Christian and family-friendly fare.

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